Elementary School

Resposibility Ahead

Here are some 
dos and don'ts and funny memories we have had in Mr. O's class.*The words below are former students' message to you.  Consider yourself warned!

From Mr. Olson's 2006-2016 Classes...

Dear 5th Graders,

You are not allowed to say potty or bathroom because there is no bath in the restroom (he prefers restroom). 

You are really not allowed to say can't or won't.  Instead he wants you to say that you will try.  
He will teach you about the power of, "Yet." I haven't figured this out, "yet."

Don't say "Give me," but instead say "please".

Mr. Olson tries every single day to be a better teacher for us.

Listen to Mr. O when he says not to worry about being popular.  School is so much more fun if you are just you!

He will expect a *clean classroom*, and he will want you to walk "Georgia Style" in the hallway. *He taught in Georgia one year!

You probably won't have a single boring day all year!

If you try and turn something in that isn't your best work, he will usually know and make you do it again. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be your best!

He always believes you can do better.  He usually wants you to figure things out with hard work and lots of trying.

Mr. Olson is a person that is always there to talk to.  He will eat lunch with you whenever you need it!

He's funny, awesome, perfect, and just right for you (you're really lucky to have him). 

The "Golden Rule" in his classroom isn't to treat others like you want to be treated, it is to treat them better!

He kind of reminds you all of the time that his classroom isn't always equal, but he will do his best to be fair.  He will also remind you that real life isn't always fair.

His favorite thing in the world will be seeing you smile!!

There will be a lot of teamwork in his class.  He likes us to solve problems together!

The classroom will feel like home.  You will even have a couch!

Be nice to Mr. Olson.  We don't ever want him to lose his sparkle!!

He'll not always be nice...sometimes he is strict, but he just wants you to learn.

He's pretty crazy, but in a good way.  You'll know everything once you're done with fifth grade.  He teaches with a lot of fun and excitement.  He makes learning fun, except when you don't listen!

He loves you like you are his own child. He has two boys by the way, they are 5 and 6 and super cute!

Just about every day he says that his classroom is the safest place in the world to make a mistake.  He wants you to learn from the mistakes though.  He says, "Always make NEW mistakes." I like that.

A memory is when he tried to be funny and only one person laughed...that's Mr. Olson for you!  He will make about 200 jokes.  Some of them are funny.

Try to laugh, or at least smile, when Mr. O tells a joke. It will make his day!

If you walk loudly in the hallways, you will get to try again.  

Mr. Olson ALWAYS forgives.  Even when you are bad, he is really happy to see you the next day!

He tells us that the important thing is not where we are on the ladder, but how far we climb by the end of the school year.  You will climb very far this year!

Mr. Olson is one of those teachers who really cares about his students.

He is all about "life lessons."  The stories are usually funny and I think we almost always learn something big too.

Choose Kind!

By the end of the year you will be sad that you are leaving his classroom, but you will be ready for middle school. He will make sure of it!

I really want my little sister to have him too!

He is one of the best teachers out of a million.  Trust me, you'll love his class!

~ Mr. Olson's 2006-2016 Classes ~
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